Welded structures


    Welded structures of locomotive bogie frames, chassis frames, crane devices and other bent and welded structures made of steel sheets and sections are manufactured in the Fablok Company.

The shop has possibilities of machining of big structures on planer mill, port clearance s = 3200, h = 1700 mm and length up to 24000 mm.
Max. mass 20 t .


Welding possibility:
- arc in the shield of Ar+CO2 compound (135, 136)
- arc in the argon shield with tungsten electrode (141)
- automatic in the shield of Ar+CO2 compound of external and internal welds with length of 10000 mm (135)
- arc with covered electrode (111)
- gas (311)

Materials - all carbon and low-alloy steel used for welded structures with yield point Re up to 960 MPa:
- highly alloyed steel
- aluminium and its alloys

Thermal cutting:
- with oxygen on numerically controlled automatic machines (ESAB) of carbon and low-alloy steels in the range of thickness: 4 ÷ 200 mm
- plasma cutting on numerically controlled automatic machine of carbon and high-alloy steels, aluminium, copper and their alloys in the range of thickness: 1 ÷ 25 mm
- plasma cutting with high plasma beam on numerically controlled machine CNC of carbon steel in the range of thickness: 2 ÷ 25 mm

Mechanical cutting:
sheet shears, universal shears are used for cutting of sheets, flats and sections
max. cutting length on guillotine shears - 3000 mm at sheet thickness of 14 mm

Bending, straightening, roll forming:
these processes are realized on bending brakes (max. bending length: 5000 mm), on rollers for sheet straightening, hydraulic press (max. pressure of 400 t), rollers for sheet reeling (max. sheet thickness of 12 mm)

Cutting and forming:
realized on the eccentric presses (tonnage capacity of a press: 10, 63, 100 t), on mechanical contour band saw, on power sections.

Shot blasting:
shot blasting in table cleaning machines and in shot blasting chambers, dimensions of shot blasting chamber: 6000 x 5900 x 21000 mm

    Overhead cranes with lifting capacity of 3t ÷ 20 t are used for welded structures production.
The basic systems: compressed air, oxygen, acetylene, CO2+Ar

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