Complex of inspection-testing laboratory

Complex of inspection-testing laboratory
    The tests, in our laboratories, are carried out by high-qualified technical staff on the ground of methods in accordance with the documents, the standards and the adequate, obligatory rules and using equipment with present metrological certifications issued by the authorized external bodies.

    The rendered services are realized in two spheres:

Chemical laboratory
1. Tests and measurements of unwholesome agents in work environment:
       - noise
       - lighting
       - microclimate
       - industrial dust
       - toxic substances
2. Oil and lubricant tests
3. Sewage tests
4. Technical gases composition tests
5. Steel chemical composition determination

The Laboratory has PWlS authorization for performance of the tests in work environment.

Testing-inspection laboratory
1. Mechanical properties tests:
       - strength
       - hardness
       - impact resistance
       - springs and suspension springs characteristics
2. Macro- and microscopic metallographic test
3. Materials and welded joints defectoscope tests:
       - penetration
       - magnetic
       - ultrasound
       - X-ray
4. Geometric size measurements (length, angle, roughness) of machinery parts
5. Inspection (metrollogical check) of length and angle measurement equipment

The Laboratory has a present CLDT authorization for performance of the tests on devices subjected to UDT and personnel for non-destructive tests with authorizations according to EN 473.


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