Distributor Valve Est3f/HBG300 (H1E01)

Distributor Valve Est3f/HBG300 (H1E01)
ESt3f/HBG300 distributor valve is applied for freight cars but its application in passenger cars possible. This distributor valve meets UIC requirements and can be used in the cars appropriated for international transport.

ESt3F/HBG300 distributor valve (H1E01 according to Bumar Fablok designation) enables to brake gradually and release automatic pneumatic brake in two adjustments: “Freight” and “Passenger”

13,7 kg
Working pressure0,5 Mpa ± 0,1 MPa
Control pressure0,5 MPa
Output pressure 0,38 MPa
Accuracy ± 0,01 MPa

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