Braking unit type MBF-01

Braking unit type MBF-01 is applied for modern freight cars with automatic change of braking efficiency in the function of the load and is compatible with ESt3f/RLV11d and ESt3f/VCAV braking units. MBF-01can be also used alternatively in lieu of GF4SS set.

Braking unit type MBF-01 can be used in the cars equipped with one or two braking cylinders with sizes of 12, 14 or 16”, appropriated for S and SS traffic and in the cars equipped with composite brake shoes type “K” or “LL”

Nominal pressure in main pipe                                             
0,5 MPa
Output pressure from pressure exchanger0,05 – 0,38 MPa
Repeatability of output pressure± 0,005 MPa
Volume of control reservoir7,5 dm3
Times of filling for auxiliary reservoir and control reservoirwg PN-K-88177
The remaining technical parameters
wg UIC 540 i 541-04
Weight44 kg

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