General - Purpose Stand for Car's Brake Test Type USBHW

USBHW-5 - automated pneumatic, inspection-measurement device is applied for acceptance tests of braking systems of freight and passenger cars and other rail vehicles with distributor valves of the following systems:

USBHW-5 - inspection-measurement device, which:
  • simplifies test process of car's braking system
  • enables to carry out test series of car's braking system and other car's pneumatic systems in automatic cycle according to the obligatory rules of UIC 540, UIC 541-04, UIC 547 and UIC 543.1
  • reduces test time to necessary minimum owing to automation and optimalization of measurement process
  • increases reliability of pneumatic braking systems of traction vehicles owing to the accurate and repeatable measurements of the inspected parameters
  • eliminates so-called human factor and enables the objective estimation of the state of car's braking system and distributor valve on the car
  • reduced number of railway stock units out of operation in consequence of the defects in pneumatic systems and electric and mechanical systems directly connected with these pneumatic systems: e.g. bogie
  • reduces employment to 1 operator, who executes all activities.

Technical data:
compressed air0,6÷1,0 MPa
electric energy230 V AC 50 Hz
installed power~0,5 kW
Measurement accuracy of:

slotted lines of pressure <0.1%
 time1 ms
Dimensions for stand in standard version:
length~ 650 mm
width~ 600 mm
height~ 1250 mm
~ 80 kg

Test stand consists of the following systems:
  • computer compatible with IBM PC
  • automatics and measurement systems
  • pneumatic system
  • electric system



    Stand's construction and computer program functionalism has been elaborated to enable the operator to load the necessary data of the tested car and to determine inspection scope using dialoque windows at the computer screen.

       The present test program of USBHW stand meets PKP CARGO and  UIC requirements.
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