Tram gear series 20PMax

Gear series 20PMax is a modified and modernized tram gear , appropriated for the tram rolling stock, which is operated now in Poland. It is based on the gears of 20PM and 20PMa series

Changes and modifications caused :
  • increase in service life several times
  • increase in rigidity of all the pneumatic system
  • optimization in the intensity of lubrication for toothing zone of the conical pair with the bearing
  • sealing of the seal node, eliminating oil effluent to the natural environment
  • reduction in operating costs
  • possibility to modernize operated gears of 20PM and 20PMa
  • easier maintenance .
    The effect of the above mentioned modification is increase in failure-free operation period for gear 20Pmax without necessity to repair to more than 200 000 km.

   Our company secures the deliveries of both ready gears and modernizations of gears being in operation.

   We offer possibility to modernize 20PM and 20PMa tram gears into 20PMax by driving node exchange and the body accommodation of the older version into the more recent one.

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